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Steam Generators Conference 2017

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"Certification and operation of steam and superheated water generators"


It was held in the Unical Training Area of Caorso, the conference aimed at designers, heat managers, entrepreneurs, the industrial sector, with the presence of Eng. Alfonso De Lucia, well-known expert in pressure equipment safety.  


An intense and engaging day, in which various topics were addressed:

• Certification of steam and/or superheated water generators according to the PED directive.
• The harmonized standard EN 12953-6 in the part concerning the conduction of steam and/or superheated water generators with smoke pipes.
• European guidelines on the operation of steam and/or superheated water generators.
• Outline of the national legislative framework relating to the operation of generators with particular reference to their operation.
• The technical specification UNI/TS 11325-3 "Monitoring of steam and/or superheated water generators" and revision in place.


In addition to the theoretical part, the participants were able to interact with the speaker, for the analysis of specific cases.


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