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Unical will be present at DJAZAGRO, from 5 to 8 June 2023 in Palais des Expositions SAFEX (Algeria), at PAVILION C.

Djazagro is an International Exhibition dedicated
to food processing machineries.

Unical will promote its range of INDUSTRIAL BOILERS with powers until
22.000 kW and steam production until 25.000 kg/h, which includes:

● Superheated Hot Water Boilers, two and three pass
● Steam Boilers with reverse flame, medium and high pressure
● Steam Boilers with genuine 3pass
● Thermal Oil Generators
● Components and equipments for big plants.

All the Unical STEAMER products are realized on the basis of the most
updated technology, with PATENTED SMOKE PIPES as guarantee for high performances until 98.5%, special IML control board with a touch screen
which allows you to manage it up to 72 hours without any supervision.

We'll be waiting for you at PAVILION C


To access the Exhibition Center, you have to pre-register ON LINE
by filling out the following registration form:



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